Absolutely and it only takes a few simple steps.

1. Log on to your account. You will see 'Login' at the top right hand corner of our web page www.auzi.com

2. Log in using your email and password 

3. Click on 'Upgrade Cover' 

4. This will then allow you to make changes to the cover. Here you would select 'Public & Products Liability' and then click 'Get Upgrade Quote'  

If you get the below message please phone us to discuss

5. You will then get an upgrade quote. To proceed just click 'Continue'

6. You will then see a summary of the adjustment you are proceeding with. If you are happy then you click 'Upgrade My Policy' 

7. You will then enter your credit card payment details to pay for the adjustment.  

8. The payment will be processed and then it will advise that the policy us complete. If you click on 'My Documents' your new documents reflecting the upgrade are ready for you.

10. You can then view your upgraded policy at any time. As you can see below is tells you it is an Adjusted Policy and that Products Liability has been added.