NICNAS is being replaced by a new scheme called AICIS, which stands for the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme. Special arrangements are in place to manage the transition from NICNAS to AICIS. The new scheme, AICIS, starts on 1 July 2020.

Chemicals in Australia are regulated according to their use. AICIS regulates chemicals with industrial use. The way AICIS defines industrial use is like NICNAS, and will still be by exclusion. So, a chemical is an industrial chemical if it’s NOT for a therapeutic, food, agricultural, or veterinary use. 

If you import or manufacture (introduce) industrial chemicals – or products that release them – you must: 

• register your business with AICIS

• categorise your introductions 

• submit declarations and reports 

• keep records 

• give them information if we ask for it