All soap makers must check that every ingredient in their soap is on the chemical inventory Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances (AICS) and whether there are any conditions attached to the use of those ingredients.

Chemicals on the Inventory

If your soap ingredients are all on the Inventory you can import or make your soap without telling us. We refer to importing or manufacturing industrial chemicals in Australia as ‘introducing’ a chemical or ‘introduction’.

You must comply with any obligations that may be associated with a chemical. These may be conditions of use listed on the Inventory or secondary notification obligations if the chemical has been assessed by us.

Chemicals NOT on the Inventory

If an ingredient is not on the Inventory, see if it meets our definition of a naturally-occurring chemical. If it does then you can import or manufacture it (or the soap containing it) without telling us. Note that chemicals from ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ sources aren’t automatically naturally-occurring chemicals.

If an ingredient is not a naturally-occurring chemical and is not on the Inventory, you will need to inform us before importing or manufacturing the chemical or the soap containing the chemical.